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It's election time! As we close up this school year we sadly have to say goodbye to our current team.

This is a time to invite new members of our Kapamilya to play a bigger role in our community and become our 2020-2021 FASA officers!  

*scroll down to learn about each role, how to nominate, and the timeline for elections


If you're curious about each officer's role and their duties check out these videos of our current team explain what it's like to be apart of the board!


Click the link to our Election Form to nominate individuals you want to represent as FASA sa UWB 2020-2021 Officer Board!


  • Nominations close 5/16

  • Email sent to all nominees 5/16

  • Nominees must accept or deny ONE position 5/18

  • Deliver speech and take part in panel 5/20

For any questions please email or PM Malea Capuno.

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